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The Woodcrafter and The Soap Star 


Monica and Charles

Imagine an airport in 2006. Two people meet not knowing that one year later they would be married.  Now imagine that these two people are makers at heart, but haven't yet had the opportunity to fully release the inner creativity. So what happens when two makers combine forces? They make.

Yup, that's us. We're Monica & Brady (aka Charles) and, together, we are MonicaCharles. We each bring something completely different to MonicaCharles - his 30+ years woodworking, and her love of good-smelling, all-natural soaps, balms, lotions and potions. After our initial encounter in the airport, we bring out the best in each other and constantly challenge one another to break out of the creative comfort zone and try something new. 

Brady spent his formative years watching his father make sawdust in the garage. Over the years, he watched as item after item emerged from the workshop. While his father taught him the skills necessary to master many of the tools in the shop, the patience to use those skills didn't come until many years later. Since those early years, Brady has combined the skills learned and the patience required to create works of art from domestic and exotic woods.

Monica became interested in handmade, all-natural soaps after reading the ingredient labels on commercially made products. Yikes! She's formulated her own recipes, through trial and error. MonicaCharles now offers all-natural soaps, bath, body and beauty products.

While our careers were very satisfying, we knew there was something more. Now we have redirected our collective focus toward our customers. We both enjoy bring new "back to the basics" products to market. At MonicaCharles, we won't wow you with technology, but instead we provide products that are created from mother nature. From the natural essential oils in our soaps, to the gorgeous natural flow in a piece of wood, our products are meant to be as non-complex as possible while still providing value far greater than the money you spend on them.

Monica and Brady don't quite go back to the way that our grandparents did things, but we do show appreciation for their techniques and values and build on them. Every one of our products is hand made with our four collective hands. In addition to the ingredients or parts of the product, we also add a healthy dose of love, respect, and care in each and every product.

Monica & Brady live and work just outside of Houston, Texas with their 3 rescue dogs.

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