Rainy weekend nixed our plans

04 December, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

What a wet weekend it was. Unfortunately the rain kept us from the Tamale Festival and our regular East End Street Market was cancelled because of the soggy conditions.

However, not all was lost. This gave me an opportunity to work on some new things that I've had in mind for a while. So I turned my attention to the shop and turned a couple of amazing fountain pens.

celtic fountain pen in white teak burl

They are both Celtic in design. The first one is turned with a white teak burl with amazing character.

celtic fountain pen in redwood lace

The second one is turned with Redwood lace, the part of the Redwood tree towards the root system where the grain runs in multiple directions.

Both look fabulous in the Rosewood display case. (No, I didn't make those but they still look great).

You will be able to see these coming up at later markets in December assuming the rain stops. Fortunately our next market is inside at the Braeburn Country Club.

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