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Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary. It’s been an incredible year. We’re so grateful to you and for you. Last November, we joined the Farmers Market on Grand Parkway in Katy, Texas. We had zero experience selling our products on the “open market,” but we wanted to give it a shot. We were nervous—very nervous. We were welcomed with open arms, kindness, sound advice, and helpful hands. We’ll be forever grateful to Cheryl & John for giving us the opportunity to join their market family.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve joined two more weekly markets, and have participated in 13 arts & crafts shows this year. We were scheduled to participate in 3 more shows between now and the end of the year, but we cancelled. Yep, that’s right, we cancelled.

One of the lessons we’ve learned this year is that building and nurturing relationships is one of—if not the most important aspect of being a small business owner. You see, in Katy on Saturday mornings, we spend time with our friends & market family. When we’re away from market on Saturday mornings, we don’t get to see our friends & family. We enjoy meeting vendors, hosts, and customers at shows, but it’s not the same for us. We’re happiest when we see the same friendly faces every week. We love it when friendomers (like that? friends/customers) stop by to chat, say hi, shoot the breeze, talk about the weather, or whatever comes up. I even adore the life-long friends that stop by on Saturday mornings to ask if I make goat’s milk soap, even though I’ve told them week after week that I don’t. I’m just happy to see them, and they always stop to chat, give hugs (and tell me how wonderful goat’s milk soap is).

Making money is nice, don’t get me wrong. But, if we’re not happy doing it then, to us, the money isn’t worth it. We’re not unhappy, but we know where we belong. We feel good there. We have friends & family there, and we miss them. It’s time to go home.

Our second year will be very different. We’ll re-think, re-organize, and re-structure in January when we have a little more down time. Meanwhile, we hope you’ll come see us on Saturday mornings at Farmers Market on Grand Parkway in Katy, together with our market family – John, Dick, Kaye, Chris, Kevin, Al, Janice, the perfect Sweet 7, Carlos, Maria, Dr. Lucy, Charlene & Floyd, Paul, and all the other artists, farmers, bakers, customers, friends, kiddos, and pups. We love it all.

Back soon,

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