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Pure Honey Facial Cleanser


This cleanser will be your new BFF – Best Facial Friend. Basic and very effective, this face wash is ideal for all skin types.

Raw honey boasts antimicrobial, antioxidant, and probiotic properties making it a fabulous trifecta of nature.

Our Pure Honey Facial Cleanser:

Removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin’s natural oils;

Balances oily skin;

Moisturizes dry skin; 

Reduces occurrences of acne and prevents new breakouts;

and Brightens the complexion and evens skin tone, and can help regain your “glow.”

For best results, use morning and evening to cleanse your face and neck. As with most natural products, a little goes a long way. Dispense a quarter-size amount of Pure Honey Facial Cleanser into your hand, add a little water, and work into a lather. Massage into face and neck, and rinse completely with water.

Each 8 oz. bottle contains grapeseed oil, raw local honey, liquid bastille soap (water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, palm kernel oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E), and lavender and geranium essential oils.

*Cautionary Note* Avoid completely if allergic to bees.

We all have different skin types and sensitivities. While side effects and negative interactions with the use of honey topically are rare, if you develop or notice any adverse conditions after using our cleanser, please discontinue use immediately and visit your preferred health care provider.

My Story

At 45 years old, I suffer from cystic acne along my jaw line and neck. My doc calls it “hormonal acne.” I considered myself a lucky teenager – I didn’t really have any issues with my skin aside from the occasional pimple or two on my chin which I would zap with some kind of prescription grade benzoyl peroxide (ick). When I got into my early 20’s, my skin decided to have a rave on my face. There isn’t a product on the market that I haven’t tried. I have literally used every one of them and handed over thousands of dollars with eternal hope that the one I plucked off the shelf was the one to heal it up and make it stop only to be disappointed time and time again.

I personally use every product I make. I also spend hours researching ingredients, their benefits, and any potential adverse effects. I tinker with my recipes, and test and re-test to make sure that I’m delivering a product to you that you will love and continue to use over time. I can tell you definitively that our Pure Honey Facial Cleanser is one of the best products we’ve made. My skin looks and feels good, and I feel confident knowing that I’m using natural ingredients that finally put my best face forward.

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